The Freeze Live Versions

I am looking for Live Versions of “The Freeze” (live by George Clinton). CD, MP3 or YouTube. Can you help me?

If you are talking about (The Freeze Sizzaleanmean)
Then I don’t think it was performed live

I’ve heard it recently. I’m trying to remember. Im sure it was on a recording from Bushtales on YouTube. I can’t remember what set. At least your closer, sorry.

It’s ok hopefully you remember! Free the P

It was performed live a few times in the late '92 (for sure) - early '93 (I think) era. Some of those shows were part of the 4-CD live set. So there probably were some unreleased recordings of it from 30 years ago. I think Greg Reilly (The Disc studio, Detroit) compiled those tapes.

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