The Detroit 1982 show

Continuing the discussion from Xavier feat. P-Funk Sampling in Sonic CD:

Yes, this show is really interesting! I think it’s the only show I heard that’s between Parliament-Funkadelic’s “last show”, that show where everybody got money for a bus ticket home (around summer 1981 right?), and the Atomic Dog tour early 1983.

GC mentions the P-Funk All Stars, could that perhaps be the first time that name was mentioned? Urban Dancefloor Guerillas came out the year after. But maybe the 7"s on Hump Records came out before the album. Anybody know when they were released?

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The 7’s on hump were released in 1982 (One Of Those Summers/ It’s To Funky In Here) and in 1983
(Hydrulic Pump) along with Urban Dancefloor Guerillas on CBS/Uncle Jam Records

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