Tha Skunk Mob has just dropped another Stinky

Tha Skunk Mob one of the New funkiest bands if not thee funkiest new band out there slanging the funk, has dropped anutha new Doo Doo Bomb on ya !! The Firmament.
I thought u knew about day 2 out on all streaming platforms


Loving Black Cadillac Comeback. Boss tune. Got Trazae on it.

Can anyone tell me who the funk Mr Wilcox is? :grinning:


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Mr wilcox. Curtis Wilcox Artist who creates lots of Pfunk Art for Parliament Tha Skunk Mob and a host of others. Look him up on Facebook


Another Modern Classic from Tha Skunk Mob!!! This band hasn’t let me down yet!! Since they were funking as Tha Punion They have been delivering the goods. This is a gotta have if you down with the funk. If you’re not hip then get hip you should lock in Tha Skunk Mob they are not BSN!!

Classic!! Dont sleep on the rest this joint is on repeat in my car!!

Curtis Wilcox

Cheers for that. It’s my surname so was a bit freaky hearing that coming out the speakers :joy: