Standing On The Verge CD Remaster w/ Different Mixes?

Hi all, long time voyeur on this here fine site but this is my first post :smiling_face: Thanks for having me, nice to be here!
I have a question which is bothering me… I recently stumbled upon this page: which makes mention of there being different mixes used on the first pressings of the 2005 CD remaster of SOTVOGIO (horrible acronym, sorry). Does anyone have this and can confirm that different masters were indeed used? I have searched in vain for a copy myself but all I keep finding is the updated pressing (if anyone has for sale please let me know!)


I’m not familiar with this particular re-release. The discussion suggests it is not the best mastering job, but apparently contains a different mix of “Sexy Ways”. Discogs is a great resource for tracking down retailers with specific editions of a release. Looks like a number of their retail partners have copies of this one available:


I’ve always heard about the reissue with the early fades, but nothing about different mixes. There’s a rip of this particular mastering on Soulseek and indeed Sexy Ways is a noticably different mix. Makes me wonder if there’s other alternate mixes in the batch that are more subtle, or if Sexy Ways is the only one. If you don’t have Soulseek, I can DM you the rare stuff.

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I’ll Stay and Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts are significantly shorter on the ‘05 remaster. I do prefer the sound of the ‘05 remasters over the early 90’s cd’s, but shaving 3 minutes off of 2 incredible songs is unforgivable.


Yes, unfortunately all I’ve asked have the amended pressing. Bummer.

Cheers ambro, I really like to have the physical copy than downloads but thanks for the offer!


I’ll Stay - I’m always surprised that the version I stream on Tidal these days seems to go on a lot longer than the one I was used to. Like I’m hearing the last minute of the song for the first time. Thought I was imagining it.

Extra vocals and guitar. I love that song so I appreciate the, er, extended mix :smiley:

Old version cuts out at 5 min mark, before the ba ba ba ba’s come in.

I bought the cd as Tidal got rid of the version they had with Vital Juices on it.

Ace. Do you know if this is the same mix found here on the first pressing of the '05 remaster?

Says Westbound 2005 on the cd.

Tidal version is 4 men with beards version. CD doesn’t mention these bearded men, only westbound*

Beard-y version has no Vital Juices on it.

*sorry, very tiny writing says licensed to ace records ltd

Always sounds fine to me but I’m not playing it on the most sophisticated of devices, shall we say :smiley:

I use Tidal too. A year or two ago they replaced all the ‘05 remasters with bonus tracks, with the earlier cd masters. They did the same thing with the Westbound Ohio Players material around the same time.


More recently they’ve removed Parlet’s 1st and 3rd albums. Only Bootie Snatchers is left. I was particularly enjoying that 3rd one as it’s the only one I don’t own.

Another purchase I’ll have to make off the back of their tardiness. If I wasn’t such a lazy arse, I might think about cancelling.

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Your post made me curious. I just checked Tidal, and Pleasure Principle is in fact still streamable there. Play Me or Trade Me is indeed gone however. Hopefully it’ll reappear at some point soon.

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Seems a bit cyclical. When I first started using Tidal uk, only Bootie Snatchers was available - and so I bought Pleasure Principle. Then they added that and after some time, Play Me or Trade Me.

The Tidal-compiled ‘Parlet Essentials’ now consists of a whopping four tracks (in the uk).

Oof. Play me or Trade Me is a wee bit pricey :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Ah ok. Must be a UK territory block for some reason. If it’s any consolation, Play Me or Trade Me has been removed from Tidal US/Canada as well. :-1: