Spherical - new release featuring Bernie Worrell

A new album featuring Bernie Worrell is about to get released in late October. The label is the New York based Infrequent Seams Records. Apparently a lost session from 1990s.

Never heard anything with the other two players, John King and Cindy Blackman, so don’t have any clue what it will sound like. But according this article it’s a “sound as mightily noisy as only an experimental mélange of funk, rock and blues”. :smile:

I suppose it will be up on the labels bancamp page later on, but at the moment I can only find it for pre-order over at Rough Trade.


Cindy Blackman-Santana is Carlos’s wife. Lenny Kravitz’s former drummer.


Aah Lenny Kravitz’s drummer, yeah I do know her!

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New single from this album is now on Spotify. The single is called “Future-Blues”.


Deadly! Thanks for posting.

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It’s possible to get it now (and listen to it) from this bandcamp page.

The new CD by Bernie Worrell, Cindy Blackman Santana, and John King has released. It’s “Spherical”. It’s really a funk bomb.

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Sunday Sunrise is deadly. I could listen to Bernie play that organ all day long. Cheers for that Danny.

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Outstanding thanks for the turn on.

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You don’t mean an actual CD though, do you? From what I can tell, it’s only available digitally and on LP.

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Yeah, I don’t think it’s been released on CD.