Space Children by Labelle and Cosmic Slop

I’m sure the answer is ‘yes’, but have we talked about this? Has Nona Hendryx (who wrote this tune) ever been properly co-credited for the P releases that featured this quote? The original studio version of Slop didn’t feature the “Space People” refrain, but several live releases as well as the “Hardcore.Jollies” version feature this stanza.

Any further background info?


I’ve wondered about that myself. There’s some great interviews about Sun Ra with Nona and of course Nona pops in PFunk bios but can’t find anything that addresses that particular bit.


Interesting! I didn’t know that.

I wonder when they started using that. I checked the Suger Shack shows and at the show from 1974 they didn’t use it, but in 1975 show they did. And the Labelle track is from 1974.

The Suger Shack 1974

The Suger Shack 1975

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Based on your references, I guess that somewhere in late 74 or early 75 is when it was added. I’m guessing it was Fuzzy’s idea, but I’m only guessing that because he was the vocalist who sang that part at the time.


And by the way, that’s a hell of album by Labelle - Nightbirds.

New Orleans flavoured funk from Allen Toussaint.

Looking at their space age costumes in 74 and that lyric might not be the only bit of artistic theft going on.

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Very good observations! And yes, that run of Labelle albums are underrated classics.

It looks like I’m doing a gig in May at which Nona will be a special guest. I’ll ask her about this.


Yes do that! Awesome.