Space Cadets 2nd Album

While looking for what tracks of the Da Bomb album by Space Cadets were on youtube, I found a few videos posted by Jesse Rae containing music from a supposed new Space Cadets album.

He’s posted stuff about it as recently as 2 months ago. Anybody have any idea as to when this might come out?

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Wow! I know nothing about it, but that would be pretty sweet. I wonder if they’ll use some keyboard parts Bernie laid down while he was still around. It wouldn’t be the same without him. By the way, I own the Space Cadets album on CD, so if you want the tracks, just ask.

I sure hope they use Bernie’s stuff. I can’t imagine they wouldn’t. I actually decided to go ahead and grab the cd myself, thanks though. I really digg the tracks I found on youtube

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Great find! Nairobi Sailcat seems to be involved, so that’s good. Would also be nice if Kevin Goins is on it.

Was that video with Nairobi a recording of a recording? :grin:

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Haha I think it was a recording of a recording. I don’t think I’d say Jesse is the most tech saavy person I’ve seen lol

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Even better! Did you get it on Discogs or somewhere else? Last I recall, all the CD copies left after I bought mine were pretty pricey.

Yeah I got it on discogs. It was somewhere between $25-30 including shipping.