RSD 2024 - Osmium 2LP Deluxe Edition

Demon Records will release Osmium as a double vinyl set (the quantity is 3000) on Record Store Day (April 20) . It’s on green vinyl. Looks really nice.

Besides the regular Osmium tracks, there’s also five bonus tracks. Red Hot Mama, Loose Booty, Come In Out Of The Rain, Breakdown (mono version) and the longer stereo version of Breakdown. It’s actually the same as that CD Osmium… Plus, but without Fantasy Is Reality and Unfinished Instrumental.

It’s labeled as a deluxe edition and the RSD site say it includes incredibly rare and sought after bonus material. But Osmium… Plus is up on Spotify, so it’s not that rare :slightly_smiling_face:. But still nice to have it on vinyl!

Let’s hope the sound quality is good!


Fantasy Is Reality and Unfinished Instrumental are the only tracks from the Invictus era to never have a vinyl release and they chose to leave them off this reissue.


I was able to get a copy yesterday. :tada:

It’s not a gatefold, as I wished it would be, but it got printed inner sleeves witch is nice. Paper inner sleeves, but still… One inner sleeve is a copy of the original insert with the lyrics. And the other got some liner notes and some nice images of 7" labels.

I don’t have an original copy of Osmium, so unfortunately I can’t compare them.


How is the audio quality?
I only have the original record in VG condition.