Rockpalast ‘85 lineup

Curious whether anyone know the lineup that played the ‘85 Rockpalast show? Can’t find it online and didn’t find it in a search here. Thanks!

90 mins of the show is on video at YT and if you can’t identify them I think the line up is mentioned in the comments, A great show with Anthony & Flea joining towards the end

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George Clinton, Garry Shider, Eddie Hazel, Andre Foxxe, Clip Payne, Amp Fiddler, David Spradley, Lige Curry, Michael Hampton, Dennis Chambers, Sandra Feva, Jessica Cleaves, Bennie Cowan, Greg Boyer, Greg Thomas, Skeet Curtis, Pat Lewis, Ron Ford


I’ve watched it several times, and enjoyed it every time! Couldn’t find the lineup in comments, but was probably impatient—-plus I knew someone here would know😀

Thank you very much my friend :metal:t4: