Release Dates for the 70s Atlantic albums

Does anyone know the exact (or close) album release dates for The Horny Horns, Brides of Funkenstein, and Bernie’s All The Woo? It seems like there’s no answers anywhere on the internet besides just the year they came out. Trying to organize my P-Funk LP collection chronologically and it’s kinda driving me crazy that there’s no info on when these albums actually came out!


Yeah, would be nice to have the exact release dates. I tried to find them, but without any luck. Though I found some clues. On I found release dates of the singles and over at there were some charting dates. Don’t know how reliable every info is, but it’s something. Hopefully somebody will come by with some exact dates.

Here’s the rundown on what I found.

A Blow For Me, A Toot To You
The 7” single Up For The Down Stroke from that album was apparently released in July 1977.
And the album charted at number 181 in April 1977. So I suppose that a good guess could be that it was released sometimes in early spring 1977. (45cat, bsnpubs)

Say Blow By Blow Backwards
Didn’t find any release date info.

Funk Or Walk
The singles were released in September 1978 and February 1979.
And the album charted at number 70 in November 1978. So it was probably released in fall 1978. (45cat, bsnpubs)

Never Buy Texas From A Cowboy
Singles released in December 1979 and March 1980. And the album charted at 93 in February 1980.
So the album was maybe/probably released in winter 1979. (45cat, bsnpubs)

All The Woo In The World
And then the Bernie album (although it was released on Arista and not Atlantic :wink: ). The first 7” from that album, The Insurance Man For The Funk, was apparently released in February 1979. So the album was maybe release in winter 1978 (or maybe early 1979?). (45cat)


Wow thanks! This definitely narrows down the window of when they could’ve been released, good detective work!

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