Record stores in London with the P

I’m going to London in a couple of weeks and you know I need to go record shopping. So I’m looking for suggestions on stores that may have some p-funk. Any recommendation is appreciated!

I’m tagging some users from the UK, if I’m remembering correctly :sweat_smile: (sorry if I missed anybody).

@FreedomFlower @Defeet @Aeltel @JordanianEmbassy @RobnSueManzoli @Funkenstein76 @InsuranceMan @darkerthanblue


If some non-UK people also have suggestions, I would love that as well of course. :wink:


Soul Brother Records

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Yes, will definitely check that one out. Thanks!

Sorry its been a long time (years) since I’ve been record shopping in London. Back in the day always used to head to Denmark Street but no idea whats still there.

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Sorry, like JordanianEmbassy its been years, When I lived in London, Notting Hill & Camden were my destinations for vinyl, absolutely littered with record shops back in the day.

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Unfortunately I didn’t have that much time to go looking for records, but I found a couple of pfunk related records. Was really happy to find the Look At What I Almost Missed 7".

The Soul Clap compilation got that In Da Kar remix.

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