Radio interveiw from the 70s with George Clinton (by the US Army Reserve)

Continuing the discussion from Neat PF podcast from UK w/ Tom Vickers & Lloyd Bradley:


I haven’t finished listening to the POdCast yet I thought I would add this 70’s Army Reserve interview with GC… I ripped it from the original radio airplay double vinyl… Enjoy!!!

Thanks for sharing! Didn’t know it existed.

It’s from this album right? Found it on discogs…

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Yeah, I have the mint vinyl although I’ve only played it once as I had the rip from a friends copy… There is quite a few in the series and I think there is another P-Funk one maybe with Calvin Simon!?!

Found the one with Calvin Simon :grinning: . It’s from 74!

Yeah… I have seen it on Discogs before but haven’t heard it just read credits so I didn’t want to commit 100%, as it seems a little unusual for Cool Calvin to be doing a solo interview but definitely worth worth a listen !!!

much thanks, i did’nt recognized it either till now… a little bit ironic that the army radio plays …‘DO THAT STUFF’ … :wink:

always on the one… :smiley:

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Right on baba! No idea these even existed until, ehh ,5 min ago . Excellent post

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