Radio City Music Hall - February 1975

All great questions. Wish I had answers to them. :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you talking about this picture? I heard it was from February 13, 1975 at Radio City Music Hall.


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I believe this Radio City gig is the origin of the famous Let’s Take It To The Stage photo that 'Droski used for the inner sleeve artwork from that LP. I recall some NYC press that had a less than favorable review of the gig. Graham Central Station was on the bill. A couple more supporting acts were there too. Rufus, maybe the Ohio Players I think.

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On fire!

I’ve read that review you’re talking about, they were not impressed at all. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I also found an article/review in the Village Voice from February 24, 1975. Progressive Soul: Where Were You? by Vernon Gibbs. This is what they said about the p:

Funkadelic opened with the rabid squeal of their classic “Maggot Brain,” a ghost organ kicked into a moaning guitar solo, during which George Clinton emerged from a coffin dressed in a cape and a fencing mask. The Parliaments joined the act for other classics: “Goose,” “I Call My Baby Pussy,” and “Red Hot Mama,” Funkadelic-Parliament is the bizarro group, the group that taught Alice Cooper their act.

Damn, to see GC emerge from a coffin… “the bizarro group” :laughing: . Here’s the page from the newspaper.


Hi, ok thanks for the information. Love the way George is dressed on the stage.

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Oh wow, I never saw the Vernon Gibbs piece. Thanks a gadzillion for that one!

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