Potential unreleased Funkadelic?

I follow this kid on instagram because he’s supposedly 3GP’s guitarist and he just posted this https://www.instagram.com/tv/CJlZnEFDSGPb455SGgD4XJUKwHBEmQjL-jD5Bw0/

Sorry I’m not on insta. What does it say?

i think you can view it without an account (but i may be wrong), it’s a song

You can’t unfortunately.

tbh I did have an account years ago, which I think will just reactivate if I log in using the old username and password so I might do that just to have a look.

At one point in the video you can see the filename is “UNFUNKY TEST.aif” so I assume it’s not a finished track but it very well could be a Funkadelic WIP of some sort