Player of the year might be on spotify

I was listening to spoitfy and hollywood squares was playing, i look at it and this is what i saw

So maybe the whole album will be back on spotify? Its also the same thing with “This Boot Was Made For Fonkin”

Along with “The One Giveth, The Count Taketh Away”

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Interesting! I don’t have Spotify, but I do have Tidal. With the exception of This Boot, these have been on Tidal for years. Maybe this is a sign that This Boot will finally show up as well. :crossed_fingers:t4:

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I don’t see it on mine.

It shows it if you look up the album on google and press spotify. But, sometimes it appears randomly on the Compilation “Glory B, Da Funk’s On Me!”

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I don’t know why I get so p’eed off about stuff like this. But when did these albums stop being a work of Bootsy’s Rubber Band and start being credited to Bootsy Collins? I have noticed a lot of that.
I know he had to give up the name going into Ultra Wave. But up to that point, they were Bootsy’s Rubber Band.


Yeah that is strange. It’s like this copy of Ahh The Name Is Bootsy from 1996, also credited to only Bootsy.

Time for another photoshop sadly.