Pinocchio Teorien

Probably not related to p-funk, but I had to share anyway.

I was scanning my collection to Discogs, and as anyone who’s done this themselves knows, about once in 50 times it just scans incorrectly and brings up something completely different, and then you try again and it’ll scan correctly on the second try. Well, last night I was scanning an album and this came up…

Helt Sikkert - Pinocchio Teorien


I had a feeling that the word Teorien meant Theory, and I looked it up and I was correct. So here’s an artist that has released two albums in Danish, titled Pinocchio Theory. I listened to samples and I don’t think it’s meant to be a P-Funk reference, but interesting and wacky nonetheless.

The Pinocchio Theory is an original P-Funk concept, right? They didn’t get it from somewhere else that I’m aware of.