Parliament Osmium LP German Pressing Original or Bootleg

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Does anyone have the German pressing of Parliament’s first LP Osmium 1C 062-91763?

If so, could someone share pictures of the label and sleeve and share the matrix/run out.




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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately I don’t have that release, but I will keep a lookout for it at the record stores! Will take a picture and write down the runout. :grinning:

If I found Osmium for 20 EUR I would have bought it, but now after reading this I don’t know anymore… Maybe to be able to inspect it and compare it.


I do own a copy of the original German pressing as well as the 1st US promo pressing. I just want others to share their information since there is not much available on the net. Discogs is unreliable as I have found out the past week. A new seller was selling a German pressing for around 60-70 EUR which seems reasonable. So I asked for pictures. I couldn’t compare with my original copy as I am not nearby my collection. I automatically thought it was the original German pressing because I was not aware of any other German pressing until I found out this year as of now it was released either limited or unofficial I have no idea because I have not found much information besides some stores selling it for 20 EUR. I have no info on the label and Discogs has also not provided any info. I just wanted to warn other people when buying the German pressing to check the B side of the label. The original should mention in a box KEEP A/C not GEMA !!! The reissue mention GEMA that’s how I found out the seller was selling me not the original. Luckily the seller was kind and cooperated and refunded me the money. Perhaps he knew, maybe he didn’t.

Here is what I have

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So I found the new (probably bootleg) version for around $20 at the local store, so I got it. Thanks @Abstrakt_Sounds for posting this, I wouldn’t have known what I was looking at otherwise.

This version has the following runout (updated discogs as well).
Side A: 91763 A-1
Side B: 91763 B-1

@amesinger, could you check what runout your copy has (if you still have it)?

For completeness, here’s an image of the B-side of this versions. With GEMA printed on it.