Parliament Funkadelic Mythos Timeline

Hi guys, My name’s YUNG KOLA, avid P.Funk fan. I came to this forum because I’ve immersed myself into the P.Funk Lore lately, and I am definitely not the most knowledgeable person on the topic. I wanted to create a timeline of events that happen across every album. As such, I came here to find the most powerful funkateers available to assist me in such a task.

Here are some topics I was thinking about;
The Funkadelica Trilogy (One Nation, Uncle Jam Wants You, and War Babies) is connected in some way to the Parliament Mythos, since Uncle Jam carries the Bop Gun and Flashlight in his album cover. I haven’t figured out how deep the connection goes.
Star Child appears on Shake the Gate, furthermore suggesting a link between Funkadelic and Parliament characters.
Sir Nose appears on Computer Games and becomes Dr. Feelgood in Medicaid Fraud Dogg, suggesting a possible timeline split after he realizes his ancestry in Trombipulation?

Further help or instruction would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


Funny you mention this, as I was recently attempting to do the same. I have only really started with Parliament. And most of it is really just compiling any “lore” elements from their lyrics or liner notes but here’s what I’ve compiled so far:


Mothership Connection:
A broadcast is sent out from the Mothership, top of the Chocolate Milkyway. Aboard the Mothership, Starchild, Lollipop Man, & crew have returned to claim the pyramids. Unfunky aliens from the sun, in an attempt to save their soon-to-die world from a funkless hell, torture those with groove, hoping to acquire their funk.

The Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein:
The concept of specially-designed afronauts capable of funkatizing galaxies was once placed among mankind, but was later repossessed and placed among the secrets of the pyramids until a more positive attitude towards Clone Funk was acquired. It would wait, among kings and pharaohs, to be released to multiply in the image of Dr. Funkenstein, the chosen one.
Funkenstein explains that hearing his music will cause you to funk. Funkenstein forenotioned the shortcomings of mankind and created clones to “blow the cobwebs out your mind”. The clones describe themselves as a biological time-bomb exploding in a time zone where almost everyone is out of time. Funkenstein is aboard the Mothership, and his stated mission is to preserve the motion of hips.

Funkentelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrome:
Upon his return, Funkenstein finds earth to have lost the beat of the funkentelechy and fallen prey to the placebo syndrome, spread throughout the galaxy by Nose. Funkenstein sends Starchild to do battle, armed with his greatest invention of all time, the Bop Gun. Sir Nose, armed with his Snooze Gun schemes to blast Starchild. Realizing that Starchild is faster, Nose decides he’ll put himself to sleep permanently with his own Snooze Gun to avoid a blast from the Bop Gun. Unbeknownst to Nose, Starchild can read minds and blasts Nose with his Bop Gun before Nose can do-himself-in. Using the Flashlight, Nose is made to dance. Nose tells Starchild that he has only won a battle, that he will never dance, and will return. Starchild mentions the existence of the Zone Of Zero Funkativity, better known as the Nose Zone, and proclaims himself the Protector Of The Pleasure Principle.

Motor Booty Affair:
We are introduced to Mr. Wiggles the worm and his ladies, Giggle and Squirm. Three bionic worms broadcasting on W-E-F-U-N-K from #1 Bimini Road, Emerald City, downtown Atlantis.


This is awesome, thank you for the contribution. I hadn’t really noticed the major events that happened in the lyrics so this is pretty big. Do you have any information on Gloryhallastoopid? Sir Nose, Star Child and Uncle Jam are mentioned, and I know Sir Nose is trying to make a jackass of Star Child, but the events weren’t very clear to me.

As per the comic book in the liner notes of GloryHallaStoopid:


Sir Nose D’Voidoffunk and the Unfunkables: Snasty No Nose, Rumpofsteelskin, Sno-man, The Sinister Mr. Happy Birthday, Pignose, and Snozzle call on the help of Dr. Kaboo and Deeni Hoo the magician to turn Starchild into an ass. Deeni Hoo tells Nose that he must pin the tail on Starchild once he becomes an ass in order to make the transformation permanent. Deenie Hoo stipulates that a tail, however, is nothing but a long booty, and requires the sacrifice of a butt in order to create the tail. Nose volunteers his rump for the creation of the tail. Nose and the Unfunkables travel through the black hole to arrive at a Parliament gig. Deeni Hoo casts his spell to transform Starchild into an ass. Though Nose succeeds in pinning the tail on Starchild, because of the One, the spell is reversed. Then, after being given a prosthetic butt, Nose dances up a literal storm and is sucked up into the storm cloud and vanishes.

The story in TAPOAFOM is also great. With Dr Funkenstein traveling to the future (or present if you will).

Welcome to the forum @YUNGKOLA!

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Woah, I didn’t know about that. If Funkenstein went to the future, I’m assuming Star Child and Sir Nose have an eternal rivalry, since in Flatman and Bobbin it’s Star Child vs the Sir Nose and the Noses.

Ahhhhh, I had no idea the album was so complex. Thank you both for the contributions.

One album I was really wondering about was Medicaid Fraud Dogg. On George’s Instagram, he has these images of the dogs on the cover:

The captions seem to reference lyrics from Dope Dogs, which may or may not be connected to these characters. More importantly, the main dog is definitely named Oil Jones, as per the 5th track of the album.

Oddly enough, he’s referred to as the Canine Clone. I wonder how that relates to the lyrics.

I’m having trouble piecing together the story, but here’s an interesting bit:

Sir Nose transforming into Dr. Feelgood. I believe this takes place after the future Funkenstein travels to. Nose has become a pimp (note the lyrics in Riddle Me This) and begins to control the medical industry, making people unfunky under the guise of health.


Trombipulation may also take place in an even further future, as Sir Nose’s son, Sir Nose “No Nose” Junior seems to have not been born yet (or at least mentioned).


I’m glad you posted the I’m Gon Make U Sick O Me comic. I think I had conflated this one and the TAPOAFOM comic since they are pretty similar in that the Nose is in a the studio impersonating the Docta. I like that George isn’t afraid to go meta in the P-Funkology and has stuff like this in the liner notes. It’s also true, airbody and they mama DO use auto-tune to sound like Nose haha, plenty of references to Nose in P-spinoffs and g-funk etc.

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Yeah I totally agree. I think we can correctly conclude that the earliest event is Dr. Funkenstein’s birth, then the evolution of the Cro-Nasals (Sir Nose’s ancestors), after that the funk gets built into the pyramids, which would later be claimed by the mothership.

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Woah, I didn’t know any of this. I appreciate your input quite a bit, I had no idea there was even a song called Nosey Nose. This actually opens up the window that Medicaid Fraud Dogg occurs in the same timeline as Trombipulation, since I previously thought Sir Nose and his son finding out their heritage finally made him funky.

It seems to me like Nose is taking advantage of his heritage + starchild’s absence to take over the funk mob and control it from the inside and fake the funk perfectly. There’s an interview from the Trombipulation era where GC wearing an elephant nose is interviewed for a while talking about his touring before he leans in and says in a hushed tone, “I’m actually Sir Nose they don’t know any better, I’m actually Sir Nose”


Can I see a HD version of the comic?