Parlamack (Carlos "Sir Nose" McMurray)

I’ve only just discovered the Parlamack album.

Someone on here mentioned Carlos “Sir Nose” McMurray being missing from recent shows, and that led me to here:

Anyone else into this? Really cool!


I’ve been playing all morning. Loads of vids on YouTube. Great find.

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Yeah, I don’t think I seen Carlos since late 2019.

Don’t have that album, need to check it out.

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I found the mp3s for the whole album on Soulseek. If anyone wants them and can’t find them let me know and I’ll share them somehow.

I’ve also ordered the CD from the funkstore:


That release is a CDr, right? Like a lot (or all) of the Raw Funk Records releases. Let us know when you get it!

Yeah I think it is. And yep will do!

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I received the CDr from the funk store a few days ago. It sounds better than the mp3s i already had, and came with a free DVD of a P-Funk allstars gig from 2006, so I’m happy with it.