P-Funk Video Clips!?!

I thought I would share some P- visuals… The SNL clip is awesome and doesn’t appear to be on youtube, The ‘Cosmic Slop’ was a bonus that came with one of the second issues of the westbound Funkadelic albums… I will try and dig out some more goodies ASAP. If anyone wants to add to this thread that would be cool with me and hopefully admin too!?!


That SNL clip is great!!! I love when Gary says Wind Me Up and George is just like nah and goes into Pussycat instead and then he’s just cheesing afterwards. Gotta keep the band on their feet lol. I guess George wants his own “rubber” band

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George’s stage presence on the SNL performance was top notch. I also like the Thomas Dolby appearance. I just started listening to some of his stuff namely his Dolby’s Cube stuff like May The Cube Be With You which George’s vocals are featured on. That song is funky. The music video is awesome too (features George as well, as a martian making “the perfect pleasure drug” no less)

Yeah the band are super tight. I don’t own a copy of ‘the cube’ anymore I had a white label promo (with mixes!?!) at the time they used to be quite common and easy to find…

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Hadn’t seen that video before. Crazy stuff. Great song!


I noticed that the cover of the European version of the Family Series part 1 is taken from this vid.


edit: didn’t see that you just posted that vid :slight_smile:


Anutha UK connection… Funny comments some little kids got a bit spooked by The P vocals while waiting on the comedy feeling they were a bit zombie like!?!

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Yeah that’s real funny. He’s like “What?!” and then almost shouts “Caaaall my baby pussy”. :smile:

About the thing that GC does in the beginning when he say “Yeah I see Thomas Dolby out there, come on up here!”, like that wasn’t planned :grin:.That got me thinking about that clip from Letterman when Babblin Kabbabie was in the crowd and George handed him the mic.


Love that one, so rare with footage from that time.

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:point_up:t3:Yeah it’s special especially as there isn’t a lot of footage of Funkadelic in the early years and It’s also great seeing Times Square getting funkadelacised!:metal:t3:

:point_up:t3:Found a some more video files while looking around. The ‘Space Ghost’ is quite silly but I thought I would add to Dropbox with the other stuff in case anybody wants to watch or download, Have a clip of GC doing Loopzilla on uk tv from the time will up as soon as I locate!?!:metal:t3:

That is one strange program!

But I saw that George had something in his hand. Did you catch that? I had to go back frame by frame so I wouldn’t miss it. :grin: But then I found it!

Do you recognize that? I hidden the answer, so you can test yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Click here to get the answer!

It’s the Mixman remix CD-ROM from around 1995. Remember that?

:point_up:t3:Spaceghost’ is quite funny… That CD-ROM, You’re eyes are better than mine. vaguely remember it, I don’t know if I even knew how to use a computer in 1995!?!:metal:t3: