P Funk Hi Res audio files

I was on torlook and found a copy of of Funkadelics Electric Spanking Of War Babies in a format called K2 HD. Man this copy sounds amazing. Much more clear then the cd issue. I googled K2 HD and it is was a hd project by jvc. Uncle jam wants you is also available in this format. eBay has these cds for 65 bucks! From what I understand they were released in Japan only

Also soulseek has several Bootsy albums in 24 bit flac.


Will check that out. Thanks!

Is it this one?


I was considering picking this up. Not for me, but for someone else who is willing to trade me 420 Funk Mob’s Tripfest Live if I can get him a new sealed copy of this exact version.

Your description is really intriguing. I’d be interested to hear how it sounds considering I don’t really have a problem with how my 2001 version sounds.

Yes it is. I haven’t had a chance to listen to Uncle Jam yet but The electric spanking of war babies sounds amazing in this format.

CD is only 16 bit, even the SHM-CD… the crystal clear sound is achieved due to superior material…

if you want more than that you have to go with DVD-AUDIO (its another format Than DVD-VIDEO) or SACD (a bit newer and stands in competion to DVD-A)… DVD-A/SA-CD is 24bit quality and was or is popular in Japan… they have multiple audio channels- thats why its often used for classic / orchestral music… most 24bit FLACs that floating around on p2p boards are rips from vinyl… since LP have unlimited Bit rate :smiley: … but those 24bit FLACs quality depend on the vinyl rip settings…

I dont know if there are P.Funk releases on DVD-A or SA-CD…