P-Funk All Stars ‎- Live 83 bootleg

Does anybody have this boot? I’m wondering if it’s the same show as Live At The Beverly Theater?


Several dates were recorded that year. Like the one below. So it could be any of them, but probably it’s just the same as the Beverly Theater release.

Yes it is the same gig that came out of the Beverly Theatre 3 night stand at '83. However, this one contains Standing On The Verge and smoldering version of Loopzilla (Blackbyrd goes off). Worth getting for that alone in my book.


Excellent. Then I will get it!

Is it another night than the Beverly Theater release, or is the tracks taken from different nights? Would have been cool if it included Body Slam.

The last track on all three versions of the 4-disc live set is Loopzilla (called “Lifted”). It’s credited as being from 1981, but perhaps that’s a typo and it’s from this boot?

I have to back to the 4 disc sets. I don’t think its the same version. My recollection is on the 4 disc live set, doesn’t it fade in already in progress right at Byrd’s solo?

Yeah, fade-in at start of solo, so maybe an edit of boot track?

Gotta be a typo. That strikes me as being somewhere from the 83 tour. Does it say the venue? I have not looked at the 4 disc set in a while. I have heard them incorporate some arrangements of Loopzilla during the Pumpin It Up medley they were doing in the 90’s with Skeet but not the whole song like that.

Doesn’t say the venue. Just says Los Angeles 1981.

Live at the Bev is in my top 5 all time fav P-funk along with Meadowbrook 71 , sugar shack 74 & 75 Houston 76 , one of the great concert films ever , but I didn’t know of this other 83 boot . I want to check this out , nice post

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There is another one that looks just like this one only it is from 1981. I think Dayton but my memory fails me.

Yes, that one is apparently from Dayton. It’s on my want-list :slightly_smiling_face:.


Yes that is it. Someone burned it to a disc for me years ago. There was an old radio show in the early 80’s called Budweiser Concert of the Month or somn. They featured a gig from the 81 tour but I can’t remember if it was this from Ohio or another one from St Louis. I was at my grandmother’s house when it came on and was trying to tape it.