One Nation Under A Groove 12” Version(s)?

Hi everyone. I’m a new user looking for the longest version of Funkadelic’s One Nation Under A Groove. The album version is seven minutes, the 12” version is 11minutes but there’s also a 16 minute version found on the Japanese CD. Is that longest version available anywhere? Thanks so much for your help with this!

Hi @jbird! I wasn’t aware of that 16 minute version. But yeah, every Japanese CD version seems to have it.

Do you have that version? I’m wondering if it perhaps could be a printing error and that the track actually is the standard 12" mix. I don’t have any Japanese copy, so I can’t check.

So the regular 12" has a version that’s around 11 minutes on side A and an instrumental version that’s 5-6 minutes on side B. But I found an odd 12" from the UK that apparently has a 11:14 minute “Part 1” on side A and a 5:41 minute “Part 2” on side B. Could the version on the Japanese CD be a mix these two tracks? Or perhaps that UK 12" is also mislabeled and it’s just like the other 12"s…

The regular 7" also has tracks called part 1 and 2, but they are not as long.

Thanks much, Boatman. I don’t have that version but am searching for it. I saw a post here and a member said they’d be happy to share. Here’s hoping they see our posts!

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I have the Japanese cd. It’s just the 12" version followed by the instrumental version, but as one track. No remixing or editing done, the 12" version fades out normally and then the instrumental begins. If you already have the 12" version and the instrumental, there is nothing new or different here.

I don’t know for sure about that UK 12", but I bet it’s mislabeled. The times match the familiar versions.


Thanks so much, Stonedar. I really appreciate the clarification.

All the best.