Octavepussy - Straight From #1 Bimini Road

Thought I would let everyone know that just 10 days ago, this was released:

This actually came out on LP a few months ago, but is now out on CD with bonus tracks. Octavepussy has been on my radar for a few months, since I learned of their collaborations with Dr. Funkenstein from findagroov’s book. No p-funk members are actually in the band, but I don’t know that I’ve ever heard anything so true to the p-funk vibe from a band with no tangible connection. They do collaborate with p-funk members a few times on every album though. I’ve listened to the majority of their collaborations and they’re worth getting, and now that they’re available on CD, I believe I will! This one has p-funkateers on it from start to finish… 19 members, apparently!

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Any idea where you can buy this cd release online? Thanks for the heads up btw.

I don’t know how to get it straight from the source, but the best price I found was on eBay.

Thanks for posting about this. Ordered a copy of the black vinyl. As much as I wanted one of the color variants I couldn’t justify paying an extra $25. I’m excited to get this!!!

And it looks like the CD is on eBay right now. Everything of the band’s Facebook page sends you to eBay, or Discogs for the vinyl. Anyone looking at the black vinyl check Everland Music. I found that to be the cheapest shipped to the US.


I’ve been enjoying my copy for a couple months now. I’m realy digging it. A little derivative, but I think we all appreciate a little of that - the nods to previous songs, themes, etc - but it’s also unique enough to keep you interested and it’s super funky, especially for a bunch of Dutch white dudes!

Who else bought it?

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I have a copy. It’s definitely very P-Funky. More so than the recent Parliament & Funkadelic releases, in my opinion. I like all their stuff. Got into it after seeing you post about this, so thanks for that.

This is probably my 2nd favorite “P-Funk” release in recent years. 1st is Garrett’s “Hand Me Down Diapers.” Bop Gun '17 funks so hard.

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Great to read you guys like our album. Vinyl copies where sold out very fast. as well as the cassette tape.
From the cd we still have a couple of them left. not to many. Hit me with a PM if you need a copy.

gr Arno