New youtube show with GC and DB

Hey everyone!

If you are a paid P-Patron, then you have already gotten an email in the last hour or so sharing the very first episode of A BUMP BY BUMP RUNDOWN Hosted by George Clinton and Danny Bedrosian! Each episode is available ONLY to George’s Patrons a month before the official release on youtube!

Hope you enjoy this very first episode! Please give the video a like and subscribe to the YouTube channel - it helps a lot!

Check your email if you are a P-Patron! If you aren’t, join George Clinton’s Patreon today! There are all kinds of perks; and more to come!

Go wiggle


You have to create a Google Account if you want to watch the video. If you don’t want to give Google a few informations about yourself then you can NOT see this video. Unfortunately.
Hey Danny! Can we see your faces (GC and you) in the next episode?
In episode one we only hear the voices of Danny and the Doctor…


There will be episodes where you see us snd some where you dont. Episode 3 for instance you will see us. We did the first two episodes in emulation of the popular “Cartoonist Kayfabe” youtube show


Episode 1 is now up on yt. Great stuff!