New track out by "Tha P-Union!


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Thighs an Cake’s

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Hmm. What’s the deal? P-Union, Skunk Mob? Is another P-Union album coming too?

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Flush it and Re-Flush it have disappeared off Tidal Uk. Shame. Really liked both.

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Man this cant be the same band!! This shit is first grade funk.there’s a video on youtube

This the after birth of Skunk Mob
I can’t wait to hear a full album this has been out for a long time with no one speaking on it.booty on my plate fries go with them shakes


) : :poop: i GET IT the clone dude was not getting enough attention.

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Skunk Mob has one out too about the same time

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I can’t find the original p-union albums anymore on any streaming platforms which sucks… anyone know if they’re up still anywhere or available to buy/download?? Also not sure what went down in the group but seems less Tracy on the skunk mob cometh album which i think let it down a bit though still very solid. Any ideas?

Yes a gang of BS happened with the ex P union member instead of battling over the records, they will be re-released under Tha Skunk Mob Brand.TreyLewd was a bit unreachable and schedules were busy while doing tha Mob Cd he was touring with Pops. We had some content but we kept it for an upcoming TreyLewd Cd it was 3 Times Nasty and we trying to maintain some type of radio visabillity. This new Mob Cd has a lot more Lewd in it.

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see below it didnt link

So good to hear! Much thanks Binky Womack! :pray::pray: