New track by Tawl - Message to You (I'm the Captain)

Did you see that Tawl Ross got a new track out? Message to You (I’m the Captain).

Thanks Clay for getting it out!


Awesome! I wonder if he has a vault of songs and he’s just releasing them alphabetically. Before this, I never had a single song with him whose title started with a letter beyond L in the alphabet. Now this one starts with M. 22 songs in and he hasn’t even gotten to the 2nd half of the alphabet!

…or maybe it’s just a coincidence, haha


Did Tawl ever follow up Giant Shirley with another album?

No he never did, besides that Thee Lost Scrolls that you found. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah I seen that one, nice to see Tawl! But the quality of the recording is unfortunately not that great. There’s like a really annoying background noice/hiss all the time.