New Sly Stone interview (brief GC mention), memoir release this month!


A lot of those Temptations tracks written and produced by Whitfield and Strong actually reflect the direct influence of Funkadelic more than they do Sly.

Hey did y’all catch him and The Dr on CBS Sunday Morning this past weekend?!?


Poor Sly. I remember in the 90’s they interviewed his mother Alpha who said the drugs destroyed him. His former bandmate said they fried his brain and you can forget about any new music. Nevertheless no band has ever impacted me more than Sly. They were so great and different they changed music forever. I always imagined how great the follow up to Stand would have been if he finished it in 1970. He already had 3 amazing songs


I’ve been listening to the Family Stone’s first album a lot recently. Greg Errico’s drumming on that album blows me away. Especially the first track, Underdog. (He’s pretty amazing on the second track, too)

Him and Larry Graham, one hell of a rhythm section.

Here’s the B-Boy remix, just because…

@OooBooBeeDoop - I have now, cheers for that.

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