New extended EP from Steffen MotherFunkin called Quarantine Bump

Hey ho funkateers

I have just released my own extended EP called “QUARANTINE BUMP”

ALbum is produced by PTFI and I have special guests Mudbone Cooper and Zoot Zilla besides PTFI as well on it.

The physical CD is made in limited copies, but will also soon be up on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, Google Play and many other download+stream sites.

If You want a copy of the CD, then send me a personal message on Facebook’s Messenger

CD is 9,99 $ + shipping

Shipping without Track & Trace is 12 $
Shipping with Track & Trace is 22 $

If interested then send me Your full name and address and please make a payment on PayPal to

Be aware. If You choose shipping without Track & Trace and something happens during the shipping, I can not be held liable, and are not responsible for sending a new copy without further payment.


Excellent! Will message you on fb. Is it CD or CD-R?

it should be professionally made CD. That’s what I paid for

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If in doubt, then check Funkster Jones’ P. View

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The whole thing’s on youtube.

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Nice! I will be in touch once I’m “allowed” to buy CDs again :rofl:

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