New Bootsy/Buckethead album 2020

If you missed it, Boots announced that he will release an album with Buckethead December 21 2020. Buckethead seems to be really productive, self releasing stuff all the time.

Apparently Bootsy talked about this album back in 2017. And they also did that Monster Mash last Halloween, maybe it will end up on the album.


Awesome! I sound like a broken record by now, but… I hope it’s a physical release.

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Ha ha :grin: , yeah me too!

I’ve gotten lost in the Buckethead discography. I would like to get the one’s he’s done with Casper at some point.

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You talking about the Praxis album Transmutation, or Hardware’s Third Eye Open, or something else?

If not mistaken Boots produced a few of the early Buckethead albums.


  • Bucketheadland (1992) (prod.)
  • Giant Robot (1994) (heavily featured)
  • Monsters and Robots (1999) (prod. in parts)

and also:

  • Bucketheadland 2 (2003) (featured)
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Thanx gotta go back and peep these.