Need Wizard Of Finance

Hi all. For the life of me I cannot get the part where he starts saying “kind loving kind squeezing” or something. What is he singing on that whole line please?

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This is what I hear @ 2:47.

It’s your lovin’ kind, kissin’ kind, squeezin’ kind, holdin’ kind, huggin’ kind, pleasin’ kind

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Nice and thanks. What is he saying on the second time he sings about dow jones. He says “even dow jones ???”

Even Dow Jones won’t believe it’s true

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Oh eye thank u!!

I think that might be just about the best ballad Parliament ever wrote. Certainly my favourite to feature George on lead. Maceo and Bernie just killing it.

@ChrisB whats the word I can’t figure: ‘my dividends would be so ??? baby’

And one more thing: on the chorus there’s a voice I don’t recognise. Canon says Glen, Garry and Bone, and I can hear all of them in the mix, but there’s this other falsetto that I don’t recognise…



My dividend[s] would be so tremendous, baby

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Nice one. :clap:

It’s definitely Bernie, though he’s not credited anywhere (even absent on the original album credits).

-Dr. Spank


That would have been my other guess, but as you say not credited on the album - Boogie is. My thanks :pray:

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I think that might be just about the best ballad Parliament ever wrote.

I can’t tell you what’s “best” as that’s subjective. That said, I see your “Wizard of Finance” and raise you “Water Sign.” :upside_down_face:


Is a fair shout, Swang :metal:

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Yes definitely Bernie on backups too. I actually knew that and accidentally left it out of the book. Damn. Next edition definitely