Need help identifying p-funk member from queens show august 20th

can anyone help identify this vocalist that absolutely destroyed you and your folks at the show from queens the other night? he’s singing lead and he’s wearing a brown fringe jacket thing

starts the verse at about 1:27:22 in the vid below

absolutely sang the shit outta that tune!


That’s Uché. He started doing shows with the p this June. He’s also on WantMe2Stay from Bootsy’s last album.

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cheers bro!

quite a new p-funk fan but i’m stoked that there’s an active community here :slight_smile:


Further to this, anyone know who is on tour currently?

I’m seeing George and Co next month. Recent shows feature Michael Hampton. MICHAEL FREAKING HAMPTON. :metal:

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Benzel on drums
God’s weapon on rhythm guitar
Lige Curry - bass
Danny Bedrossian - keys
Michael Hampton- lead guitar
Star child Jnr - guitar and vocals
Uche- vocals
Brandi - vocals
Patavian - vocals
Tonysha - vocals
Greg Thomas- Sax and vocals
Greg Boyer - Trombone
Adidas guy - trumpet
Some oul feller - bass vocals
George - hype master, bounce master, vocals

I doubt the accuracy of the above - and there were loads more on stage…possibly more Clintons! Trazae? Clip?

Please correct as appropriate, I’ve taken this as far as the internet will take me :joy:

Surely it was Michael ‘Clip’ Payne on bass vocals? He was over in London doing the “Do not attempt to adjust your radio” intro.

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Having zoomed in I’d say you were bang on. Some oul feller indeed. Sorry Clip :joy:

I couldn’t see the right hand side of the stage, so well, I was over the left by the horns.

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Setlist :

  • -Pole Power
  • -Baby Like Fonkin’ It Up
  • -Meow Meow
  • -Get Low
  • -Standing on the Verge of Getting It On
  • -Bustin’ Loose
  • -Up For the Down Stroke
  • -One Nation Under A Groove
  • -Flashlight
  • -(Not Just) Knee Deep
  • -Psychotropic
  • -Jump Around
  • -P-funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)
  • -Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker)
  • -Night Of The Thumpasorus People
  • -Holly Wants To Go To California
  • -Atomic Dog

No Maggot Brain?

I saw Young Pop and Bouvier on vocals as well.

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No, sadly. And no Maggot Brain tees. :pensive:

Michael Hampton, but no Maggot Brain. They must have thought we wuz all Parliament and no Funkadelic.

I knew there had to be more Clintons in there somewhere :smiley::+1:

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