Muruga and the Soda Jerks unreleased album on Uncle Jam

Back in 2010 I emailed Muruga’s son Aaron about Muruga’s unreleased album, he said he owned Johnny Zero, and a track called Soda Jerks, then put them on You Tube.
I reckon the album was recorded in the early 80’s.

This is what Aaron said about the album.
“Uncle Jam records was having issues with the parent record company and around that same time Muruga chose to move from Detroit where George Clinton was doing most of his production work to California and things just never progressed once Muruga moved. He recorded many songs with the Soda Jerks though non of which were released except for Super Star Madness. I agree though, its a shame they never got a proper release. Glad you like the music.”

In 1983 Muruga put out a 7 inch single called Boogie With You. So I’m guessing by this point he wasn’t working with George Clinton, and was living back in California.


Here’s an interview Muruga did with Aced Out Podcast from October 2021. I haven’t listened to the interview (so there might be more info), but in the preface to the interview one of the hosts says at [7:24] that George and Muruga “did 22 songs” and Muruga “does have it in his possession”.


I’ve never heard “Johnny Zero” and “Soda Jerks” before. The magic of this forum!
Decided to snoop around the U.S. Copyright Office online archive (Cocatalog) for more clues. Found some potentially relevant stuff. From '81, there’s two tapes copyrighted, one called Orange Pop Vol. 1 with 20 selections, and Violet Pop Series with 3 selections. Maybe those contain the 22 songs mentioned in that interview, plus another? There’s also these individual entries, ranging from '81 to '84:
-“Young Love”
-“Soda Jerks Pepsi Jingle”
-“Do It”
-“Muruga’s Cosmic Express”
-“Adventures of Muruga & The Soda Jerks Call In The Cosmos”
Do It” from '84 is on Soundcloud. Not the same time period as the Uncle Jam album in question, but a rare listen nevertheless.


That’s incredible you found all that info out, that U.S Copyright office site is amazing. It looks like that Orange Pop Vol. 1 was very close to being released.