Mr Fiddler - With Respect

I’ve been thinking of buying that one for a while now. Was hoping that Amp would release it on vinyl, but should perhaps get it on CD anyways. :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s two versions of CD. The original from 1990 and another one from 2008 with the cover photo flipped and the strip moved to the left hand side. Which one did you get? I wonder if they differ in any way (besides the cover).

Really nice, top production, super quality music on here. Every female I ever played Starvin’ Marvin’ for went crazy for it. I would have put that as the lead single.


Got the 1990 one with the strip to the right.

Blew me away when I checked it - respect to L for the top tip - but got sick of the adverts on YouTube. Tidal didn’t pick it up - they’ve got tons of Amp stuff but not that.

So I bought the cd, I was not sorry. I love all of the tracks, but as L so rightly points out, Starvin Like Marvin is THE stand out track. It’s deffo going on the next time a lady is daft enough to come home with me.

Nice one, L. I’ve played it to death since I got it. :metal:

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I am glad you dig it. The PF horns are really shining on a few of the tracks too. Elektra didn’t seem to know what to do with the record or what kind of bag to put it in. How about just good music, progressive, unique.


And if Marvin were here
He’d say thank you my dear.

Amp knows his Marvin. Brilliant.