Mico Wave has been very active

Not sure if there are any Mico Wave fans here. Personally, his album was very low on my priority list during my p-funk hunt, but that was not necessarily a reflection of my interest in the music, it had more to do with the price of used CD copies online.

I had a chance to buy it on CD last month, for less than half what it usually sells for (which was still exorbitant) so I jumped at it. Haven’t fully absorbed it yet, but I like it a lot - it sounds he was trying to pick up where Roger Troutman had left off.

When looking up another funk artist I found some information saying Mico Wave has been very active over the past decades and has as many as 200 unreleased songs. He released an EP in 2020 with much more still to come. His website (https://www.wave-lane.com/) is offering up the EP (The Definition) as a free download here: Mico Wave - THE DEFINITION (EP) - [free download from www.Wave-Lane.com] - contact Chris.Norman@KaelcoMusicGroup.com for Inquiries. - Google Drive

His website ambitiously states, “Mico Wave is currently seeking to partner with the right Administrative Publishing “machine” that will help his music reach every corner of the Globe, beginning with his re-emerging cult-like following in Asia, South America and Europe that have been desperately waiting 30+ years for Mico Wave to Tour Again!”

More investigation reveals that in recent years he has released an album called Public Private Personal, a single called Soul Power and another single called Let’s Talk Dirty. I think I recall coming across one or more of these things on itunes before, but because I didn’t think that it was the same Mico Wave - given the time that had passed since the last release. I should have checked out the samples, then I would have known.

But, don’t confuse him with the trap artist “Mico Wave$”. That’s not him. Itunes also has two songs that “feature” Mico Wave. The first one, “Dance Like Your a Star” seems legit, based on the sound of it, but the second, “Stayed Down Remix” is a trap song and the featured Mico Wave is almost certainly Mico Wave$.

I think this is the full extent of what he’s released so far. I haven’t checked it all out yet, but I thought it was newsworthy to mention that this stuff is out there.

P.S. When you’re on his website, look for the audio clip “Fashionably Late (album preview)”. It’s a 5 minute long collection of snippets of songs not previously released or mentioned earlier in this post. I believe it’s from an upcoming album and sounds pretty similar to recent Bootsy releases with a dash of Roger. Further on down there are also full-length samples of “Feenin” and “Getcho Funky On” (pre-mastering versions), which are hella funky and are likely to be a part of an upcoming album.


Great info! I haven’t listened that much to Mico Wave, but will check it out.

Funknstuff on youtube has an upcoming interview with Mico. I think it airs in early april.


I finally put my hands on Mico’s first album about a decade ago, and I’ve been madly in love with it ever since. I consider it kind of a sister album to Bootsy’s 1988 album (both apparently were produced at about the same time, and have similar production values). I’m glad to see some love for this forgotten gem :slight_smile:

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