Maceo - new live album on Spotify

I just noticed that there’s what seems to be a “new” live release from Maceo Parker on Spotify, called “Make It Funky”: Make It Funky. I can’t see that the tracks correspond to any physical releases, and of course there’s no information about when it was recorded, but most puzzling of all is the picture they’ve chosen for the cover…is that actually Maceo? It looks almost AI-generated! Thankfully the music is much better than the budget / bootleg appearance…


Looks as though it’s already been removed. Was probably some unauthorized re-release/compilation or something…

It’s on Tidal. Just listening now.

Live album.

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That’s weird. I’m on Tidal now and don’t see it. The only Maceo live album I see on Tidal is “Life On Planet Groove” (although they have “Roots Revisted” listed as a live record as well).

Gotta link?

That Spotify link works for me. Maybe it only works in Europe?

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That must be it. I’m in NYC and don’t see it anywhere. Mystery solved…

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I should have said , Tidal UK. :slight_smile: I wonder what concert it is.

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All I know is I’m jealous that y’all get to hear it! Maceo’s shows are consistently funky. Lots of P-related tunes, and of course, Greg B. and Skeet were with him for years…

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Its on Amazon as well, a release by Concert Archives/Delta Records,
Supposedly remastered?


No, that is not Maceo on the cover. This has to be a bootleg. Does anyone have a sense of what era it is from, and who is in his band for the recording? What is the set list?

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The tracklist is:
Make It Funky
Pass The Peas
Off The Hook (including bits of ‘P-Funk Wants To Get Funked Up’ & Sly Stone’s ‘Time’)
Uptown Live
My One And Only Love
The Look Of Love
Cold Sweat
Walking Home Together
Stand By Me

Judging by the tracklist, I think the gig must be from around 2017 - 2020…? I think it’s from one concert rather than a mix of sources, but the tracks are out of sync - at the end of ‘Pass The Peas’ you can hear manager Natasha Maddison come on & give her MC-ing thanks. You can also hear Maceo shout out to Rodney Skeet Curtis (bass), Greg Boyer (trombone) Nikki Glaspie (drums), Darlene Parker (vocals).

I had a quick look at but couldn’t see anything that immediately sources it…does anyone have more ideas? It’s a shame it’s such a shoddy / illegal production because the audio quality is great and as always, Maceo & the band put on a fantastic show.


Oh, nice, I wish it was official so I could get this. I have been a fan of Nikki since she played with Dumpstaphunk and she was great with Maceo and crew.

Mind-boggling. See, its stuff like this that leads to how history gets changed over time. A damn shame if you ask me.

Pass the peas is amazing. They start singing Good to your Earhole half way through. Got me bopping round the kitchen :heart_eyes::metal:

It’s no Life on Planet Groove but there are some good tracks