Looking for Brides of Funkenstein & Maggot Brain-era folks

Hello! My name is Ana and I’m a music writer living in Detroit. I am part of the editorial staff on a brand new print magazine that was recently launched by Nashville/Detroit’s Third Man Records named… Maggot Brain, after the amazing Funkadelic record! For our third issue, I am writing a long feature on the album and I am hoping to speak with as many people as possible who either are connected to that record or were a part of the era. I especially want to get the voices of women into this feature and am hoping to connect to any Brides who were around during the Maggot Brain era. I really appreciate any and all leads, thank you all so much for your time!

More info about the magazine HERE.

More of my writing HERE.


The mag looks like something I definitely need to get a hold of.


Yeah, looks great!

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There’s an excerpt of the forthcoming Maggot Brain feature in the summer edition of the magazine (free pdf version). It’s at the end of the pdf, on page 170-171.

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