Liquid Sunshine lyrics

Here is one I’m always trying to figure out.

Liquid Sunshine

The entire lead vocal at the :45 mark. Just what is he saying? It seems like he closes it out with “my bop gun and my flashlight”.

At 3:14 they repeat a verse I have no idea of what they are saying.

[0:45] Strokin’ right up to the disco.

[0:47] Don’t send them party lie.

Maybe the “party lie” relates to the last song on the album with the “vote for me” stuff.

[0:52] Loadin’ right up to ['frisco?]. I’m about to turn in my flashlight.


[2:25] Strokin’ right up to the disco, I don’t want them party lie. Swim right out on the dance floor. I get [chocked?] in my flashlight.

Maybe they said “chocked”, but it’s spelled “checked”?

[3:14] Here comes the dah-dah do-dah do-dah
[3:22] Here comes the dah-dah do-dah do-[dun?]

All these years I thought there was an actual word after the “here comes the…” part on Sunshine.

I had NO IDEA for years what they were chanting on Take It to the Stage but it sure wasn’t that. I did not figure it out until 1996 in Central Park for the 20th Anniversary of the Mothership. GC started singing it very clearly at first it took me a second to get it I was like wow there it is.