Klak - Danny and Trazae

Did you see that Danny and Trazae released an album a couple of weeks ago? I ordered it and been listening to it a lot lately. Really great stuff.

Danny and Trazae do most of the music and playing themselves. But there’s also many other 3GP regulars on there. I added it to discog, so you can check it there. They do new versions of Backwoods and This Club (the Kandy Apple Redd track), but I think the other tracks are new ones.

Danny sells it for $25 within the US and $40 international. All the info on how to get it is on this fb video that Danny posted.

One thing though that bummed me out a little and wasn’t expecting was that it’s a CD-R. I wish he would’ve put out a regular CD. Or actually, I wish it would be on vinyl :smile: , but if that wont happen I would like a regular CD. I suppose CD-Rs generate more money to the artist and that’s great of course. I’m all for that. But still…

Anyhow, I’m still glad I got it. Great album!


Anyone else got this yet? Mine turned up the other day… its cool ! :sunglasses:

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Silver ‘pressed’ cds generally cost less per unit, but require a larger run (1000+ units), so if an artist doesn’t expect to easily move 1000+ copies they will get CD-Rs because they can be made in smaller runs.


It got a bunch of great tracks. I really like Shavesharan. Is that Armenian on that track?

No idea tbh. But yeah I’ve only listened to it a few times but i’m into it. Be good if this gets some proper exposure. I’ve been listening to Trazae’s solo stuff alot recently as well (9D2 and Wild Child), he’s got the funk ! :smiley: