Kibbles and Bits

This is the only track from the original Japanese Dope Dogs that didn’t make it onto either the UK version, the US version, or both.

Anyone have it?

There’s also a mix of Kibbles and Bits on the Dope Dog record. But I don’t have it.

Patavian Lewis, GC and Louie Kababbie are apparently on it (according to the motherpage).

I just bought dope dog! The only one on the internet. Couldn’t let it go and wait two more years for another one to show up.

If anyone wants a rip of it once I have it, I can help.

Nice! Been looking at the 12” version for a while now, but I think I will get it now! Got inspired :slight_smile:

Would love to hear track number five on the cd (Jazz Stash Mix), since it was omitted from the vinyl.

I’ll gladly help you out with that.

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Hey I would love to hear this if the offer still stands?


I sent you a PM. Hopefully you got it.

Welcome to the forums, by the way!

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Yes, thanks - just been listening - awesome! Is that Louie “Babblin” Kababbie I hear? I have UK & US Dope Dogs CDs, trying to decide if I need to invest in this to complete the set?

Yeah that’s the big question - Is it worth it? :sweat_smile:

But $12 doesn’t seem too bad.

@Seventieslord was in the same situation as you with UK and US versions.

Yes, buy Dope Dog. I can’t believe that there are two copies for sale now, for significantly less than I paid for mine. At the time, discogs said the last one was sold 2-3 years ago. If you get this CD, you would not be missing anything from the japanese Dope Dogs album.

If I’m counting correctly, once you count the different mixes and edits, there are a total of 32 unique songs across these three CDs. I already owned the US and UK versions when I bought Dope Dog. Only track 2 on that one was redundant.