Junie unreleased studio recordings

Junie was quite productive in the early 1980s. He has recorded a whole range of repertoire for example. One Kingdom United, Love At First sight, Future Funky Ties, Do It, Funk Bum, You Know I Need You, You’re Spirit Lives, To Be In america, Love On, This, Eye For an Eye, Booty Movers, Spa Lady, Butcher Man, Red Dress, Robot Love, Jealous Lover, Savage Booty, Not The First Time, Dream Crusher, The Morning Back, Go Out Tonight. Bicycle Built For Love.

The question is … where are the original studio tapes.


What’s a good starting point for Junie. I only know the big Ohio Players tunes - I guess some of those don’t have Junie on them. Love the Worm, though. Plays guitar without any hands - pretty good, I might add.

Junie was responsible for Funkadelic’s ‘One Nation under A Groove’, ‘Knee Deep’. Also check him out on The P-Funk all Stars album, George Clinton’s TAPOAFOM album and so on.


If you listen to CDs, then this compilation can’t be beat:

it has his three best albums plus bonus tracks. That’s where I’d start.


Nice one. I will give it a whirl.