JJ Barnes and Darrell Banks

J.J. Barnes with Funkadelic. It doesn’t get much better… Killah!!!

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This is why this forum is boss. As a fan in the UK of JJ Barnes, I had no idea at all of the connection until I got real nerdy about the P about two years ago.

A dancer of a tune.

Is that the funk mob on ‘In the pocket’ by JJ? Couldn’t be…could it?

[time passes}

George wrote it. Ho ho…the plot thickens…


Thanks for the heads up! It’s a nice little tune.


The b side is the instrumental version of all your goodies are gone. :grinning:

I’ve listened to this - and danced to this - for years, blissfully unaware it was George’s baby. Unreal. Pfunk got tentacles in everything.

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G Cook? No f way?!! :grinning:

@MrSuperNobody re: smooth ride.

Cheers! I didn’t know that was where the “goodies” inst came!!!

Thats a new one to me too!

Another version by Darrell Banks as well! :

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Love a bit of Darrell. Open the door to your heart is another fave of mine.

Just saw this posted on insta…