Jet magazine from 1978

Classic Jet cover from December 7, 1978. The Jet magazine is really small, like pocket size. Around 13x19 cm (~ 5x7 inches). Not a lot of text. But noticed that the Brides was in the top 20 (and Funkadelic as well). Both album and singles lists!

“Man Who Makes Millions Pushing P-Funk” . :smile:


Yes this is the classic it blew my 13 year old mind I remember when it came out. I could not get a copy of it until many years later. It was at the absolute height of the peeking of the P. I remember a classmate of mine who just absolutely did not “get” P-Funk, coming to school and telling me “your boy” made it on the cover of Jet. I mean, he just didn’t understand why anyone would listen to P-Funk. I just shook my head.


I like how badly they butchered “Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadoloop” lol

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I understand some muggs in the band saw the headline and were like, million$? We ain’t seen no millions.

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