ISO: Live “Stomp”, “Erotic City”, and fastest songs

Does anyone have a link to a live version of “Stomp”? It’s one of my favorites. I have never seen it live, to my recollection. I know everyone loves the 70s P. I wouldn’t be here without that Funkadelic Live ‘71 album. But, I guess I’m a DopeDog at heart. That 80s and 90s stuff is my jam. Also, what do y’all think the fastest recording are? Live at the Beverly Theatre is so fast! They must have been flying close to the stars that night. It was perfect. Rockaplast has some song versions that are pushing fast and hard.

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Me neither, can’t remember hearing it. I looked through a couple of set lists from 1994-1995, but didn’t find it.

This 12" is on my “want list” :slight_smile:


Just remembered that Erotic City video, so thought why not paste it in as well…

I’m with you on Dope Dogs, it’s great. For me, Dog Star is up there with Maggot Brain.


I have a live show from 1996 where Stomp is being played. But that’s the only show where it’s been played out of those I have.
I can upload a little later to my Google-drive, but I can’t have the show up on it forever as I use the space often, and need as much storage freed as possible. But I can have it uploaded for a week or two, before I have to take it down again

EDIT: Here’s the show where Stomp is being played

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Oh shizzz! I can’t get it to DL on my phone. I’ll get it on my computer later today. This show is perfection to my earhole for several reasons:

  1. “STOMP”, if collectively we only have one or two live recordings of stomp, it’s rare!
  2. “Dog Star (Fly On)”, one of my absolute favs. The lyrics state exactly how I feel when the Mothership moves on.
  3. DopeDogs era!
  4. Ms Belita Woods, y’all! The second concert I attended, I was situated right in front of her. I listened to that amazing, unique voice. I locked eyes with her. She gave me a big smile. My heart melted. I was hooked on that P for life. She was the coolest, most beautiful woman my ears had ever experienced.
  5. Probably some other shit. Can’t wait to blast it!!
    Thank you MotherFunkin, you’re a world away, but you got a place in my heart.

You are most welcome.

I only checked for Stomp, but Dog Star is also in this show I put up, which by the way is

1996-04-28 - New Haven, CT - Yale University

Im having troubles getting the link to open.

Yeah that link is not active anymore, but I will hook you up!

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:point_up:t3:I noticed I had mp3’s Of studio versions of Stomp and Erotic City in case anyone is interested, Not sure which cuts they are as don’t know much about them or ever played them tbh!?!:metal:t3:

Yeah I had to take down the link as I use my Google Drive for many things and 15 GBs are quickly used.

If anyone want me to put it up again, just let me know, but can only be up for around a few weeks, before I have to take theshow down again.