How was the Bop Gun used in concerts?

I gather that ‘it makes whatever it shoots funky,’ but was it something the funk mob used for audience participation, or was it something else?

I have only seen the Halloween 1976 Houston Mothership Connection Live DVD, which was before the release of Goins’ classic ‘Bop Gun (Endangered Species),’ and it’s near impossible to find a photo of the Bop Gun used on stage, let alone a regular still of the gun by itself. Does anyone have any lore to share, or any pics of the Bop Gun?

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Sir Nose swore he would never dance. Funkenstein (or Star Chile) would shoot his Bop Gun, and Nose would commence to gettin’ down.

I recommend you watch the Flashlight tour. Scroll to 1 hour 19 minutes…

Also check out the Earth Tour from Houston 77. This was before Bop Gun was released, but Shider can be seen flying over the audience shooting them with it.

Scroll to 26 minutes 45 seconds…


Sidenote: somehow i get the suspicion that Garry hated being hoisted up in that harness. He doesn’t look like he’s enjoying it. :sweat_smile:

One of the last conversations I had with Garry before he passed, someone brought that up. I can confirm that yes, he hated it. Then he went on about it for about an hour. lol After concerts in the late 90s and 2ks, Garry was well known for telling amazing (and long) stories.


Garry Shider with the Bop Gun


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Sorry if this is late, but I remember in this interview with Larry Heckstall, the original Sir Nose, he said that Nose and Starchild would use the Bop Gun and Snooze Gun on each other and “change each others’ grooves”. As implied by Flash Light’s lyrics, Sir Nose might’ve even attempted to shoot himself with the Snooze Gun to sleep through the funk.
Sir Nose D’VoidofFunk interviewed by Millie Holmes - YouTube