Homicide from digipak version of Shake The Gate

I just added the digipak version of Shake The Gate to Discogs and noticed that Yesterdejavu was replaced (on that digipak version) with the song Homicide. Although the back cover and booklet wrongly states Yesterdejavu.

Anybody got any info on Homicide, like who’s playing on it?

I always wondered why they called it Yesterdayjavu, being that that isn’t anywhere in those lyrics. (I primarily listen to CDs.). When listening to to the album on Spotify, I came to the conclusion that some kinda mixup had occurred. Anybody know why this happened. I like Homicide more, and am glad to have it on rotation.

Thank you for pointing out that this track exists. I’d never have known. I was able to hunt it down.

What? Homicide? What track is this?

There are two CD versions of Shake the Gate. One (the original, I believe) has Yesterdejavu on disc 3. The other (which I have), has Homicide in its place.

I downloaded Yesterdejavu once I found out. I’d have never known if not for this thread.

If anyone needs to hear one track or the other, I can help.

Yeah the version with Yesterdejavu is the original and was released with a thick jewel case in 2014. The other one, with Homicide, was released in 2016 and is a digipak.

Yes I definitely need to hear Homicide.


Hello again. I would love to hear Homicide. I need to stop reading this forum and finding gaps in my collection!

No problem, I will help you out!

There’s always gaps to fill. :grin:

Brilliant - works a treat - thanks.

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