Hey Man Smell My Finger - Unreleased Song List

There’s a bunch of unreleased material out there related to Hey Man Smell My Finger of varying quality. I thought it would be nice to have it all in one place and so I’ve tried grouping the duplicate or nearly identical copies. I tried to keep it focused on Hey Man, but there may be a few things that may be more related to Cinderella Theory or earlier. I’m curious to hear if I’ve missed something.


Title Length
The Big Pump 4:12, 4:25
Booty 4:24
Dis Beat Disrupts 3:42, 3:47
Dis Beat Disrupts 4:11, 4:14, 4:17
Dis Beat Disrupts (JC-001 vocals) 4:47
Get Satisfied/Let’s Get Satisfied 4:40, 4:41, 4:44
Get Satisfied/Let’s Get Satisfied 4:58
Get Satisfied (Let’s Get Satisfied/Dope Dog instrumental) 5:04
The Flag Was Still There (King’s Rap) 3:29
The Flag Was Still There 6:36, 6:37
The Flag Was Still There 0:35+8:30, 9:03, 9:05
High In My Hello 3:36
Hollywood (Trey Lewd and Jessica Cleaves? vocals) 6:18
I Need Love 3:38, 3:42
Kickback 5:17
Kickback 5:49, 5:52
Kredit Kard 6:21
My Pony/(Saddle Up My Pony And) Ride 3:51, 3:52
My Pony/(Saddle Up My Pony And) Ride (added Gary Shider vocals) 3:55, 4:00
Oil Spill 4:21, 4:26
Oil Spill 4:43, 4:44
Rhythm And Rhyme (earlier version) 6:30
Rhythm And Rhyme (Remix) 6:58
This Groove/Fun With a K Y P 4:52, 4:53
This Groove/Some O’ Disc And Some O’ DAT (KYP) (Rhythm and Rhyme outro transition) 5:14
This Groove (Is Gonna Make You Move) 5:06
This Groove (added piano instrumental) 6:09
Smell My Finger (Steal The P rap + Way Up instrumental) 5:21, 5:25
Soul Psychodelicide 6:40
Soul Psychodelicide 8:48
Soul Psychodelicide 8:09, 8:21
Soul Psychodelicide 11:01
Steal The P/Stealing The Funk (from Louis “Babbling” Kababbie’s album?) 5:45
Steal The P/Stealing The Funk (Prairie Dog instrumental) 3:11, 3:17
Way Up/Way Up (Instrumental) 5:54, 5:57, 6:01
We Can Funk (#6) 6:45, 6:47, 6:59
We Can Funk (#7)/We Can Funk '92 7:26, 7:32, 7:35, 7:43
Yada Da Da 4:11

Unofficial Releases


Thanks for this. I was just listening to ‘Oil Spill’ and ‘I Need Love’ from this period for the first time tonight. This original version of ‘Oil Spill’ is killer…

All the material and version excursions from these Paisley Park sessions would make a great project for a release. ‘Hey Man… Smell My Finger’ is one of my favourite George Clinton albums and I feel like I’m just starting to scratch the surface with these outtakes.


Yeah, I’d be nice to see a release of some of the unreleased George stuff from Paisley Park. Although Blacktronic Science, Mr. Fiddler and 7 Years Ago… can scratch that itch too.

I really like singing I Need Love so much that I transcribed the lyrics to three versions of it and posted it on this site. The delivery always gives me “Major-General” vibes.

Also, maybe you heard Erick the Architect’s recent Ezekiel’s Wheel, but I also thought it was clever how they riffed on Oil Spill with “Have Ezekiel’s wheel gone squeaky”.

Which reminds me, there seemed to be some sort of biblical theme from around this period that I don’t think ever directly surfaces.

  • “mad messiah G.C.” (Rhyme and Rhyme)
  • “like they were Moses and I was the Pharaoh of Egypt” (Yank My Doodle/N*****ish?)
  • “that’s when the grape fell from the vine” (Way Up (Instrumental))
  • “he who has the gold makes the rules” (High In My Hello)
  • “claim to be a preacher or teacher” (Maximumisness)
  • “second coming” (Sloppy Seconds)

I got an old 30 somn year old cassette over here thats got some of that on it. But I swear I ain’t never heard a 6 minute version of Kredit Kard. Dayum.

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Yeah, I came across it as a Cinderella Theory outtake and was pretty excited to hear it. I should have noted it as 3:15+3:06 since it is in two halves, part one with a weak/spacy George vocal and the second part instrumental and guitar focused, but I think they are continuous back to back.

Also, I was equally excited coming across “Hollywood” on the end of a track that started with “Soul Psychodelicide” (7:53+6:18). You really have to listen carefully to everything you find!


I got a rough version of HMSMF before the cd was released from @Jaypfunk after finding him in the early days of the internet (Prodigy maybe?) and trading cassettes. Many of the roughs were better than the final versions, IMHO, and the version of “Booty” is much better than the b-side version on “Paint the White House Black” (and other released versions). It was definitely a mistake to omit that one from the final release. I don’t think some of these songs like ‘Soul Psycadelicide’ were likely designated for HMSMF. I always understood that to be a Prince song featuring G.C. Maybe a Graffiti Bridge outtake?


Soulpsychedelicide is on the extended Sign o the times. 1986.

it’s also referenced on the song ‘Joy in repetition’ from Graffiti Bridge, ‘loud music from a band played a song called Soulpsychedelicide’ one of the better songs on that album. We Can Funk with George, Amp and other PFunk was always my favourite, though I was largely unaware of ParliamentFunkadelic back then.

SoulPsychedelicide is mostly an instrumental. I didn’t hear it in its recorded form til the vault stuff got released but you’d hear it live from Sign o Times onwards - and I did many, many times…just didn’t know it had a name.

Might even predate Sign o times but that was my first Prince gig.

Looks like there were a few versions attempted in later years, some with lyrics, some with George and Kim Bassinger (wha?)


The “Graffiti Bridge” version of “Soul Psychedelicide” by GC and Prince. Was replaced of course by their version of “We Can Funk.”

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Funking with a big foot, by Quazar, maybe uses the Eventide, I’m thinking. :thinking:

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Sounds like it, yes…

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I really do have to get my hands on those two Paisley park albums. They are the two albums I’ve never really listened to. Only bits and bobs off YouTube- they’re not on tidal uk, or Spotify :pensive:


Both on Amazon right now.

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For what it’s worth I have the Soul Psychedelicide over here on a blue vinyl.