Hey folks...looking for an official audio recording policy

Hey! I am looking to record the “one nation…” Tour stop in Cincinnati tomorrow, 6-1. Before I bring my audio gear out, I would like to see if there’s an official policy for the band concerning audio recording.

Thanks in advance folks!

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I went to the FAQ section of Riverfront Live. It explicitly forbids cameras, yet doesn’t seem to say anything about audio. I will be at the gig as well.

Right on…I’ll see ya there!

I asked on the Facebook event page, and the reply I got was no video. Inquired again specifically for audio, and (as of yet) no reply from venue or the band. I think I might roll the dice and see if I can make it happen…if not, it’s a short walk to the car to lock it up

Go for it. I don’t have ticket yet I understanding its general seating.

It is …outdoor venue. Used to be called Annie’s

I also kept getting it confused with Riverbend . Do you know if the venue is outside or enclosed?

P-Funk got off pretty good with a tight, albeit abbreviated set obviously due to it’s festival type line up. I missed the openers. Were you able to get good audio?

Would love to hear it, if you have the possibility to upload it somewere.

I wish I would have recorded. After several attempts at contacting the venue, and the band, I decided against bringing out the equipment. Sorry folks

It’s funny it’s like that in the states. I taped P. Funk last year at the Paradiso in the Netherlands. My bag wasn’t even checked for video-equipment and taped the entire show.
Only cuts are between tracks as my camera can only tape for 30 minutes at a time and a bigger cut when I had to change battery, but otherwise it’s the whole show.
I even sent a download-link to Carlon Thompson-Clinton before I uploaded to YouTube. I haven’t gotten any shit or otherwise back as far as copyright infringement or otherwise.

Enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZ5sGmsZaKE&t=741s