Here is the original ending of the theme from the black hole

Listen to Parliament Theme From The Black Hole Demo End. by The Clone Ranger on #SoundCloud


Wow! That was awesome, thank you!

No problem. I’ll post some more stuff. I found some really good sounding demos of rhythm and rhyme I’ll put up later.


Haha I just got the notification from soundcloud. Didn’t realize that was you. Thanks for posting this, I will definitely be checking it out

Damn! After listening to this, you got me really wishing they had released the full version! I mean, I actually really like the abrupt ending it has on the album version, but it would have been really cool to get this on that 12" Collection album they put out or something. Kinda weird this never saw the light of day. Got the blind mice reference too wit da synth haha. Wacky stuff…

A buddy of mine had a 20 minute version of this song. He played it for George and he grinned and asked him where the hell he got it lol. He ended up losing that tape but someone has to have a copy of it. I can’t imagine what George is sitting on that hasn’t been released.


Wow yes it’s been years since I heard this. There is just no way this should not have come out as a 12" mix. If only we could hear more of what got edited out is probably the best stuff. I do wonder what or if he’s sitting on anything at all or it just got lost somewhere in the shuffle. When he had some of us going for that whole fund-raising effort some years ago he was showing video of reels of tape or something that was labeled Parliament Live and looked like the complete LA & Oakland 77 gigs. Like he was really gonna put it out.


That definitely does raise a question as to what George has stored away. I wonder how much stuff he’s purposely keeping to release at some point, or even stuff he’s forgotten he has. I remember hearing him say in an interview that he was planning on releasing the songs they made for The Night Before movie, but I believe somebody (possibly on here, don’t remember) said he lost the tapes for em. And then of course all the Family Series stuff, a lot of which seems like they forgot about having made/worked on and would have put on an album otherwise (George says something to this effect on one of the Family Series interviews).

Interesting to think about. I also remember George put out an instagram video or somn of him singing along to Give It Away by RHCP, and it was hard to tell, but it sounded like he might have actually recorded his own vocals and put them on the song. Of course I could be wrong about that, and it could have just been hinting at P-Funk opening for Chilis (which of course they did), but I was really hoping they would end up doing some sort of collab. Sorry for all the rambling, just some thoughts I had.

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Thanks for sharing this! Damn, 20 min would be crazy :metal:t4: .

Yeah, it would really fit on that one.