Have you punched out your Motor Booty figures?

On your Motor Booty Affair vinyl, have you punched out the figures from the cardboard? Assuming that you have a copy :wink: . If you don’t have a copy, you should really get one!

I haven’t removed the figures on mine, so I wouldn’t loose any of them. But I folded the city so it would pop-up. I was thinking of maybe getting another copy for the kids. They could play with the pop-ups and we would listen to the album together :grinning: :tada:

drawn under tremendous pressure :smile:

Oh how I wish I had not. I am highly impressed you still have a copy that looks that good. I pushed them out the first day o had the record way back in the 8th grade when it first came out.

Yeah, but on the other hand it must have been great playing with them as a kid!

The way those 3 Casablanca albums (Funkentelechy, Motor Booty, Gloryhallastoopid) were packaged and presented just blew me away. I looked just as forward to that as much as the music.

Wow, look at all that!! How great! :smiley:

My first was without the cutouts, which left a lot to the imagination. I was able to claim one in the late ‘90s that was untampered.

:point_up:t3:No and I never will…:metal:t3:

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Yeah I know that feeling. I’m still thinking about getting a second copy just for the kids. So far I mostly bought pfunk for myself :grin:

@MrSuperNobody Welcome to the forum!

:point_up:t3:Thanks… still trying to get figure out my way around!:metal:t3:

I got a copy for $15 a couple years ago with everything still there, though the city is starting to come out from age. Maybe when I’m old and my kids are selling my records to put me in the nursing home, I’ll pop them out and play with them.